In 2020 The Darklands Foundation has started a partnership with TEDx. During the pandemic, we saw how existential it was to start the conversation at a local level about climate change and the environmental impact on Bocas del Toro's communities. Giving local organizations and individual action a platform to express their vision, mission, and practical action.










In October 2020 we curated TED TALK GLOBAL COUNTDOWN TO CLIMATE CHANGE within Bocas del Toro, Panama, to start a conversation with the rest of the world.















We concentrated on real-time challenges for the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro.

The disappearance of our reef and marine resources and how to reverse the damage.

How a strong sustainable economy will enable the guardians of the rain forest, its indigenous inhabitants, to continue their forest conservation.

How as an island can we resolve our trash collection problem and how to dispose of our solid waste in an eco-friendly manner.











This year, The Darklands Foundation curates and conducts a series of Live Webinars/Interviews in collaboration with TEDx San José de David.

We focus on Bocas del Toro's and the world's ideas worth spreading. Mathilde Grand, The Darklands Foundation executive director is your host interviewing Bocas, and beyond, individuals who make a difference for their communities, create new concept and opportunities, brings forward vision and avant-garde leadership.