Manual Water Pumps


Access to potable water is a basic human right. Water means hygiene and good hygiene is health and good health leads to development. Eradicating parasites in kids show a better disposition to learn.



“All peoples, whatever their stage of development and social and economic conditions, have the right to have access to drinking water in quantities and of a quality equal to their basic needs”.

– March 1977, Mar del Plata United Nation Water  Conference.

The Darklands Foundation launches the “potable water for sustainable development” program to benefit the indigenous communities of Bocas Del Toro, Panama.




Why manual pumps:

They are low cost to produce, easy to maintain and last long. They have no sale value therefore will not be stolen and resold like the water tanks.

Climate change is a Bocas reality. The region goes through longer dried season that makes  most water tanks  unsustainable.

The Darklands Foundation is working on acquiring a mechanical drilling machine to bring potable water in Bocas del Toro indigenous communities. We will hire an hydrologist to identify the existence of the underground water table and provide the human logistic for drilling, created the well, putting in place the pump and training 4 locals individuals from each community to help with labor and follow up on maintenance.




Which communities:





Potable water situation in indigenous communities:


The below open well is supposed to feed 10 families. Our executive director took the photo last Friday after 3 days of rain. To say that during drier time there is no water at all.



The two open wells below are used to wash laundry, bath and as a source of drinking water. This situation is a deadly combination for bacterial infections and parasites.



3 families use the open well below. Stagnant water doesn’t only breed parasites and bacteria but is a conductor to spread Dengue fever.



$550 to $650



What are the direct results and benefices?

Brings solid hygiene to communities

Reduces the risk of Dengue fever.

Involves a community in its own sustainable development.

Eradicating parasites in kids show a better disposition to learn.

Educates individuals about health issues and proper practices.

Trains locals to make and maintain proper wells and water pumps.

Educational tool about water preservation



Manual Water Pumps