Preserving The Rainforest Through Integrated Agriculture






The Darklands Foundation is an endowment dedicated to the practice of integrated agriculture in the jungle through the production of cacao, with additional cultivation of rainforest crops such as plantains, tubers, fruit trees, medicinal plants,  coffee and more.

The Ngabe indigenous crops grow under the canopy of the rainforest, and illustrate a type of farming that use a sustainable approach to land use, keep the forest untouched, preserve the habitat of the local fauna and by di-facto restore the biodiversity of their surroundings.

Rainforest farming is a major tool for the economic development of its inhabitants, the Ngabe indigenous of Panama and the rescue of native plants and traditional crops.

Fresh Moringa Leaves
Ylang – Ylang Flowers
Cacao Pods
Pitanga Cherry
Preserving The Rainforest Through Integrated Agriculture